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The Unexpected Joys of Animal Sponsorship

Posted: January 13, 2020

When Amy the chimpanzee died suddenly this past fall, it hit me hard.


PPI comes to the rescue in Texas cruelty case

Posted: December 4, 2019

In addition to rescuing primates and providing them with a forever home, Primarily Primates’ mission is to raise awareness about why primates shouldn’t be—and aren’t—good pets.


Welcoming 11 new rescue animals

Posted: November 20, 2019

We are looking forward to getting to know our newest residents


We say goodbye to Amy

Posted: November 20, 2019

Today we are grieving the loss of Amy the chimpanzee


Giving Day for Apes 2019: Rudy’s Great Outdoors

Posted: October 15, 2019

Today is Giving Day for Apes 2019 and Primarily Primates (PPI) needs your help


Groups agree Oregon primates will stay together at sanctuary

Posted: August 21, 2019

Seven chimps will be able to stay together under the care of new management of an Oregon-based sanctuary.


Juniors provide music to our ears

Posted: July 16, 2019

The two Juniors who live at Primarily Primates not only have the same name, their vocalizations are known to turn heads.


Help us celebrate Nicole’s birthday!

Posted: July 9, 2019

As part of our Sponsorship Month, we are offering the chance to help our chimpanzees celebrate their birthdays.


The story of Gabriel, Tonks and Bojangles

Posted: July 2, 2019

They were able to have a future thanks to our supporters


On the move with Magdalena

Posted: June 18, 2019

On the move with Magdalena We have hair envy when it comes to Magdalena, a tufted capuchin. That is when we can get a good look at her and she’s not zipping around her habitat. Tufted capuchins only spend 12 percent of their time resting—21% is spent travelling and 66% feeding. Tufted capuchins get their […]