Primarily Primates provides all the essentials—food and healthcare, enrichment activities that stimulate wild behaviors, and habitat maintenance--for 300+ animals including 33 chimpanzees.

That’s why we still need your support on October 13th's Great Apes Giving Day 2020 event. We appreciate any donation you can make.

In addition to providing funds for overall care, our goal for Giving Day 2020 is to raise $60,000 to complete Phase 2 of a state-of-the-art green space project that will give our chimps even more choices because it will offer expanded opportunities for enrichment, exercise, socialization and play. Thanks to you, we’ve already completed Phase 1—the removal of orangutan and marmoset habitats no longer in use in the middle of the sanctuary to clear the way for the new green space.

Among the features of the green space will be swings, climbing structures and playscapes such as a bouldering wall and musical garden where they can explore. The completion of this project means all of our chimpanzees will have 24-hour access to outdoor grass-bottomed playground areas.

Learn more about the project and see how you can make an early donation here.

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