Today we are mourning the loss of beloved chimpanzee Siri, 47. She succumbed to kidney disease. Born in 1973, Siri, was captured from the wild, purchased by a private owner and then donated to the Sanford Zoo in Florida. She was later sent to the Buckshire Corporation and used for research before being released to Primarily Primates in April of 1996. She will be missed by care staff and volunteers, as she was always the first in her section of the sanctuary to greet people. She was especially fond of male care staff and showed it by flashing them a gummy smile. Siri liked to follow care staff around the perimeter of her habitat looking for treats that may be in their pockets. She will also be missed by her troop mates Cheetah and Violet. She and Violet would often share a nest. All three especially enjoyed the days when they could forage together for hidden treats that care staff scattered around their enclosure. Her favorite foods were strawberries and romaine lettuce. She liked mushrooms if they had been grilled and seasoned with herbs.