Founded in 1978

Primarily Primates was founded in 1978, making it the first primate sanctuary in North America and the first to rescue chimpanzees requiring lifetime care following medical research. PPI’s devoted staff supports all dimensions of animal life from diet to medical care to social-behavior management. Staff perform daily animal assessments, including behavior & physical checkups, for illness prevention and social-behavior management.

PPI has an innovative enrichment program to promote natural wild behaviors and mental stimulation. To ensure each day is unique, staff provides daily food enrichment treats using a variety of ingredients and enrichment methods that allow the animals to resourcefully seek food as they would in nature. Additionally, sensory enrichment activities like burning incense, playing music and painting are also offered to stimulate animal residents and prevent boredom.

PPI relies on the generosity of our animal-loving supporters.

Primarily Primates

26099 Dull Knife Trail.
San Antonio, Texas 78255
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Tax ID# 74-2164756

Executive Staff:

Krystal Mathis– Executive Director

Board of Trustees and Officers:

Priscilla Feral – President & Chair
Robert Orabona – Secretary & Treasurer
Sally Malanga – Trustee
Barbara Sitomer – Trustee
Raymond Vagell – Trustee
Terrin Fuhrmann – Trustee
Tanya Suttles – Trustee
Tiffany Bulen – Trustee

Mission: Primarily Primates provides lifetime care and housing for native and non-native homeless, abused and abandoned animals, mostly primates, saving them from death or continued exploitation. We are not open to the general public and do not breed, sell, trade or use animals commercially.

Financial Information:

Federal Identification # (EIN) 74-2164756

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