We adore these photos of black and white-ruffed lemur Sax because they show off her striking thick fur. In the wild, white-ruffed lemurs’ dense fur is well suited to the wet, sometimes chilly environment of the rainforest canopy of eastern Madagascar, where they hail from and are critically endangered. Interestingly, as they feed, pollen sticks to the ruffs of fur around their faces and gets transported from tree to tree, making them the largest pollinators in the world.

Sax, an ex-pet, is one of 11 primates we rescued from a California sanctuary that folded. We introduced her to red-ruffed lemur Aludra and they seem to be two peas in a pod despite their 20-year age difference. They enjoy grooming and basking in the sun and Sax particularly loves mangos, sour pickles, grapes, puzzle feeders and stuffed animals. Please consider making a donation to support Sax’s lifelong care.