Shu Shu


Say hello to Shu Shu! Shu Shu got her name from a veterinarian at the now defunct Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP), which housed some 300 chimpanzees and nearly 300 monkeys. Shu Shu means “my little cabbage,” a term of endearment that reflects the vet’s fondness for her because of her sweet disposition. She arrived at PPI in 1996 with her son Thomas.  Shu Shu loves her squeaky toys, which she gets during enrichment activities, something adult chimps did not experience at LEMSIP. And after being housed singly in a small, steel lab cage that hung above the floor without any outdoor access, Shu Shu is thriving because of the companionship provided by living with Walter. She also enjoys nesting but is best known for adoring and carrying around stuffed animals.


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