Florida wildlife officials recently confiscated this young male rhesus macaque from an illegal pet situation. Disney’s Animal Kingdom held him temporarily and got him crate-trained for his journey to the sanctuary. Currently he is eating infant formula from a bottle as well as a dry diet, produce and dried figs—which have quickly become his favorites! We held a raffle to decide what his name should be and winner chose the very cute name of Joe-Joe which fits his fun-loving personality! 

PPI is home to different types of macaques, including long-tailed, rhesus, bonnet and snow macaques. In addition to the pet trade, they are exploited throughout the world in the vivisection industry. In 2010, for example, we helped rescue 50 macaques who were subjected to gruesome experiments in a now defunct lab; almost half of those macaques came to live at the sanctuary and are thriving and happy today.




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