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In addition to rescuing primates and providing them with a forever home, Primarily Primates’ mission is to raise awareness about why primates shouldn’t be—and aren’t—good pets. But we also have a flock of about 70 other friends here at PPI who many people also unsuccessfully try and keep as companion animals—exotic birds.

Our spacious aviary and parrot house, both featuring branches and trees for perching and exposure to warm sunlight and protection from the elements, allow these birds space to fly and express their wild behaviors, unlike what they experienced living in tiny

enclosures in pet homes. And our care staff is armed with research, the right husbandry training, lots of patience and knowledge of a proper diet to provide birds with the best care possible.

Some of our longtime aviary residents include a five-and-a half foot tall Sarus crane, Nicabar pigeon, ibis, cockatiels, love birds, conures and blue and gold macaws.

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