Meet Sophie, an 18-year-old with attitude – that she developed in spite of her history, and the fact that she is a macaque! Sophie arrived at Primarily Primates in November of 2012 – but like so many of our favorite residents (of course they’re ALL our favorites:) after many trials that could have left them permanently behaviorally challenging. By the time that Sophie was 10 month’s old, she had already been shuffled amongst three pet homes, and was eventually released to a rescue facility in Washington state. When she arrived, it was obvious she had already developed self-injurious behaviors, and would constantly rock back in forth clutching the only two items she was able to bond with…an old blanket and a small teddy bear. With a few years of love and attention, however, most of those behaviors had diminished or disappeared altogether – but the rescue was forced to close, so she was sent to Primarily Primates. Since then she has blossomed even further – emotionally and physically – into a well-adjusted macaque. Now Sophie enjoys her home of many years, and loves – looking at herself in the mirror, cooing and flirting with the male macaque neighbors - she will fluff out and strut around her habitat like Beyonce, while cooing at the boys! She loves swimming and soaking up sunshine, and spending the afternoon munching her favorite treats – peppers and fresh fruit! What’s not to love (or sponsor)?