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  • Watching macaques Gabriel, Tonks and Bojangles enjoy simple  Read more

    Watching macaques Gabriel, Tonks and Bojangles enjoy simple  Read more

    Watching macaques Gabriel, Tonks and Bojangles enjoy simple  Read more

    We have hair envy when it comes to Magdalena, a tufted capuchin. Read more

     Say hello to our newest rhesus macaque, Olivia, who is just three months old. She was purchased as a pet in Texas, but when her owner relocated to Arizona, she was confiscated. Read more

    Animals typically arrive at Primarily Primates in Texas, the sanctuary Friends of Animals manages, with little fanfare, but “Carter the Monkey” is an exception.Read more

    Say hello to Lennie! Lennie came to PPI in October 2013 after being kept as a pet for his entire life. Like most primates who are kept as pets Lennie Read more

    Harley, 13, is unlike any other primate at Primarily Primates (PPI), literally. He is the only grivet at the sanctuary.Read more

    Say hello to Phoebe, an 8-month-old cross between a Snow Monkey and Read more
    Say hello to Danny, a 8-year old pigtail spider monkey, who came to the sanctuary after being released  Read more
    Say hello to Missy, an 8-year old capuchin, who came to the sanctuary after being released  Read more
    Say hello to Junior, our oldest gibbon, who came to the sanctuary  Read more

    Magda is a capuchin, weighing in at around 5 to 7 pounds, an average size for her species. She is also of indeterminate age, another factoid missing from her documents – but suffice it to say, she has lived long.Read more

    Pebbles is actually a cotton-top tamarin, which is one of three Amazonian tamarin species native to Columbia. Read more

    Say hello to Scooter, a black-handed spider monkey Read more
    Say hello to Skeeter, a 14-year old pigtail macaque, who had been purchased from a monkey breeder in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina  Read more
    vervetsThe vervet monkey has a black face with a white fringe of hair, while the overall hair color is mostly  Read more
    KaylaMacaques are a type of monkey that can be quite slight, with very long tails, or stocky, with short limbs and Read more
    louie3Louie, a baby macaque who was recently confiscated after biting a woman at a bank, has been completely
    Read more
    Kayla arrived at PPI along with three other long-tailed macaques after being discovered in a Tennessee garage living
    Read more
    Tori-Take-3Tori is a 4 year old Rhesus Macaque who was released over a month ago to the PRC who knew that we could
    Read more

    izzy-final-3_0Two-year-old Izzy is a new addition to PPI. “She’s probably one of the sweetest macaques I’ve ever met in my  Read more

    Andy shares a habitat with Febe who he adores—maybe a little bit more than he loves red grapes! To show his affection he Read more

    amber2Amber arrived at the sanctuary in January. She was dumped off at a vet office in Texas after being stolen from her primate family andRead more

    Please consider sponsoring one of Primarily Primates’ smallest residents, Junior, who weighs in at less than one pound.Read more

    Meet bonnet macaque Joey! Before finding sanctuary at Primarily Primates in 2002, Joey was an ex-pet who had been shuffled around to a couple of different owners. Read more

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