We think you will enjoy this NY Times video that shows a troop of Japanese snow macaques soaking in hot springs to ease the stress of cold winters and explains how did they come to adopt this habit. Japanese snow macaques represent the northernmost wild populations of non-human primates in the world. They have been studied in the wild longer than most primate species, having been observed in numerous habitats and locations throughout Japan for more than 50 years. Researchers have documented the first case of cultural innovation in nonhuman primates with this species. Primarily Primates is home to two Japanese snow macaques, Louie and Amber. Amber was dumped off at a vet office in Texas after her imprisonment as a pet. Her red face and bottom, as well as her short tail, distinguished her from the other macaques at the sanctuary when she arrived in 2016. Louie was just a baby when he arrived at PPI in 2015 after making headlines—he was even on CNN. That’s because Louie bit an employee when his owner brought him into a San Antonio bank. He was later confiscated from his owner and brought to PPI. Would you like to sponsor Louie or Amber? Check out our sponsorship page to learn more!