Can you believe Chobe doesn't have a sponsor? We're hoping someone will step up to be his #SummerSanta during our Christmas in July campaign! Check out his story below and then click the button to sponsor him. Chobe is a male chimpanzee that was born on November 5, 1980 in a US zoo and was taken away from his mother at birth and placed in a zoo nursery. At 4 years of age, the zoo announced the decision to send Chobe to a laboratory to be used in biomedical research projects. Margaret Cook, who was Chobe’s caretaker at the time, realized what the zoo’s plans were for his future, and fought a very difficult battle to save him – at a significant personal cost. Through her perseverance, she raised enough funds for his rescue and transport, and arranged for Chobe’s transfer to Primarily Primates - he arrived at his new home June 6, 1984 at just four years of age. Even as an adolescent, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to his new environment, and particularly to chimpanzee troop life. Chobe loves to lay in front of his giant fan in his bedroom on a platform and is quite the acrobat – he will jump off in a front flip! His favorite food is broccoli, and he enjoys playing chase and foot tag with his troop mates, KoKo and Willie. Chobe also sets the bar for chimpanzee hygiene – he enjoys brushing his teeth!