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  • Say hi to Mighty Fine! He is 28 years old. Read more
    Say hello to Norma! Norma is 28 years old. Read more
    Say hello to Selena! Read more
    Say hello to Raisin! Read more
    animals-adoptionBorn at LEMSIP, mother is Mollie, father is Big Daddy. Used for experiments and as a breeder. Transferred to Read more
    AprilIt is estimated that April was captured in the wild around 1971 and was privately owned until 1984, when she was Read more
    Barbara 3Now 44 years old, Barbara came to PPI in May of 2005. Her previous life was spent being shuffled between Read more
    Bubba, a chimpanzee previously used in the entertainment industry, is known for two things at the sanctuary: Read more
    Buffy-339, Buckshire-- Buffy was purchased as a “pet” for a little girl in 1974 and was sold to the Buckshire Read more

    Cheetah, a 42-year-old male chimpanzee, came to the sanctuary in 2003 after a lengthy period in the entertainment industry, Read more

    Chobe is a male chimpanzee that was born on November 5, 1980 in a US zoo and was taken away from his mother at birth and placed in a zoo nursery Read more

    DeeterDeeter was born on 28 May 1999 at Primarily Primates. Deeter’s mother lacked the skills of a Read more
    effienewEffie was born at a research facility in San Antonio and then sold to the Coulston Foundation in 1998. Read more
    grace_1Hope gave birth to Grace at Primarily Primates Feb. 18, 2007. For the first few months, Hope spent every Read more
    hope-2Hope was born on Jan. 5, 1997 in the gloomy confines of the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Read more
    Say hi to Jason! Read more
    jessie-e1456329196160-275x300Jessie, a sweet chimpanzee with a ton of personality. She loves to comb her hair with plastic combs, play with a giant Legos, Read more
    Chimpanzee Justin, 36, enjoys making people laugh—care staff swears he’s laughing with them. Read more
    koko1Would you consider sponsoring Primarily Primates’ resident Koko, who is a survivor of the heartless Read more
    mandy-againMandy has been nicknamed “doll” for her sweet disposition and her stunning beauty. Chimps are born with Read more
    nicole.jpgWhat stands out about Primarily Primates’ resident Nicole, a chimpanzee, is that while small in stature, Read more
    RosemaryRosemary, 55, is known as the oldest and one of the sweetest chimpanzees at the sanctuary. Rosemary, Read more
    shushu-2-347x300Say hello to Shu Shu! Shu Shu got her name from a veterinarian at the now defunct Read more
    40, Siri was purchased by a private owner and then “donated” to the Sanford Zoo in Florida. She was later Read more
    Sudio arrived at PPI as a baby on his mother’s back when they were released from a research lab in New York in 96. Read more
    Thomas is Shu Shu’s son and was born at PPI in 1998 as the result of an accidental pregnancy.Read more
    wandaPrior to her life at a testing facility, Wanda lived in a brothel which was located in Philadelphia. She arrived to theRead more
    Say hello to Willie! He's one of the most easy going, well-liked chimpanzees at the sanctuary. Read more

    Primarily Primates is tax-exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3), and donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. As a non-profit organization Primarily Primates relies on donations to support our work. After your donation is processed you will receive an e-mail which you can print as a receipt for your records.

     All donations are non refundable, however, if you enter the wrong dollar amount for your donation, please contact us within 48 hours to adjust your donation amount. 

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