Cheetah, a 42-year-old male chimpanzee, came to the sanctuary in 2003 after a lengthy period in the entertainment industry, including as a guest on the Ed Sullivan Show at the 1984 MTV music awards as well as radio shows and magazine shoots. He was part of the last group of infant chimps taken from the wild in Sierra Leone in 1975. Despite Cheetah’s sad start to life, he has settled well into sanctuary life and is very kind and gentle towards the females, Siri and Violet, who share his habitat. His neighbors are Willie, Chobe, and Koko. Born: 1975- We have given him the birthdate of his favorite care taker, Libby, which is April 11th. Favorite things: Heavy duty enrichment balls and soccer balls that he can throw, catch and kick around. He also loves soft flannel blankets. Favorite Food: Eggplants and Sweet Potatoes. Least Favorite: Onions and Celery. Favorite Activity: Daily habitat runs alongside caretakers and he is very enthusiastic about collecting blankets to nest with. If Cheetah has touched your heart like he has ours, you can sponsor him. For more information about sponsorship, please click here.