The weather has started to cool, the days are getting shorter, and the staff and volunteers at Primarily Primates are feeling incredibly grateful for all the blessings received this year. We are especially thankful for our two newest residents-Tova and Jobee.

Tova and Jobee each spent over 20 years of their lives as victims of invasive animal testing. When they were finally retired to Primarily Primates over the summer, they were both terrified of every new experience. After spending their entire lives indoors and in isolation, not even knowing each other, it took some time for them to learn to trust each other and their caretakers.

Now that Jobee and Tova have bonded and settled in, they are enjoying their new lives and new treats. Their caretakers love learning about their likes and dislikes. “They were skeptical about pumpkin seeds,” says Animal Care Director Arianna Salinas, “but now they love them!” She also has learned that the new buddies love grass and people watching.

Tova and Jobee, Hebrew from “Thank you” and “Grateful” respectively, were renamed after their arrival at Primarily Primates, and their names perfectly describe how we feel about our newest residents. We are very grateful for the opportunity to provide lifetime care for Tova and Jobee.

If you would like to sponsor Tova or Jobee, check out their profiles on our monkey sponsorship pages!