Walter was born at New York University in 1992—at a lab for experimental medicine that is now defunct. He became the property of the Buckshire Corporation—a Pennsylvania-based company that leased animals primarily for scientific and cosmetic testing. The Buckshire Corporation leased the Walter (along with our other resident Baxter) to a German television show called Martin’s Working Wildlife—which trained them to perform tricks for television audiences. When they reached an age where they were difficult to control, they were returned to the United States; and eventually they found their way to Primarily Primates. Walter, is dedicated to protecting his “family,” which consists of Laura, Vanessa, Jessie, Effie and Nicole—the latter two are actually biological sisters. Despite the fact they aren’t all blood relatives, the group is extremely close knit. They have accepted each other into their lives and look out for one another. These chimps spend all day playing and grooming. They appreciate each other for who they are and manage to resolve issues without much of a fuss.



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