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Vanessa was exploited by the now defunct Coulston Foundation before being rescued by Primarily Primates. To chimpanzees used in research, Coulston was the worst luck of the draw. Despite continued egregious animal welfare violations, Coulston received ongoing millions of dollars in government grants and grew to be the largest holding of chimpanzees for biomedical research in the world. Today Vanessa is thriving. She can usually be found napping and soaking up the sunshine on a blanket spread out on the highest platform in her habitat. Her best chimpanzee friends are Laura and Nicole and she spends hours grooming them. She also loves to play with Effie and squeak her stuffed animal doll to entertain her. Citrus fruits are her favorite food items. She is particularly fond of grapefruits and lemons. She’s even been known to swipe some of her troop mate’s grapefruit breakfast!


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