Former pet Rowdy, a marmoset, has lived at Primarily Primates since 2009. Care staff describe this small-bodied New World monkey as spunky and active. Marmosets have claw-like nails, allowing them to cling vertically to trees, run quadrupedally across branches and move between trees by leaping.

Rowdy’s habitat features a dirt bottom and potted trees and flora from which he can cling to and leap from, much like he would in his native Brazil. To mimic the tropical climate of this native home, his exterior space also contains a mister, and his large interior bedroom features an evaporative cooling system.

Infant marmosets are born with a brown and yellow coat and develop the white ear tufts and forehead blaze as they age. They are also born with pale skin on their faces, which darkens with exposure to sun.

Rowdy shares his enclosure with cotton-top tamarin Junior. Rowdy is very people oriented and always runs to greet you while Junior is more shy, but the two hit it off as soon as they met. They sleep together every night in Junior’s favorite cardboard box. Opposites do attract.

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