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When JoeDan’s owner got into trouble with the law in North Texas, authorities contacted PPI because they knew the sanctuary could provide the specialized care JoeDan needs.

JoeDan unfortunately arrived extremely thin—our veterinarian rated him as a two out of a body score of 10. He will be kept in quarantine while he puts on weight. JoeDan also had a lot of hair loss. Care staff members believe it might be self-inflicted due to stress or a result of poor nutrition.

In the wild in their native Brazil, marmosets eat gum, sap latex, and resin much more than other callitrichids. With lower incisors that are the same length as their canines, common marmosets systematically gnaw the bark of plants to stimulate the flow of edible exudates while vertically clinging with their claw-like nails to the trunks of trees. Nectar and insects are also a big part of their diet. It is very difficult to replicate that diet in captivity, so marmosets kept as pets often suffer from nutrient deficiency diseases such as rickets.

JoeDan is being slowly introduced to the proper diet with a commercially available marmoset canned and dry food, a jelly, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. We hope he will be united with our other callitrichids after his quarantine is up.


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