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Buck, who was born Sept. 15, 1994, was purchased as a pet when he was just two weeks of age. In 2009 he was released to Primarily Primates from a Missouri pet home, where he had been kept in an indoor cage for close to six years. There were two other chimpanzees in the pet home, however, they refused to let them receive sanctuary at that time. When he first arrived, it was very difficult to encourage Buck to accept a nutritional diet, such as vegetables and fruits that had a low glycemic index. Since he lived in a cage, he was also terrified of grass. He would stay inside or crawl like a spider on his habitat barrier walls. Sweet chimpanzee Mandy became his guide to all things chimp. Today, he is a dominant chimpanzee that continues to share that grassy habitat with Mandy, as well as Buffy and April. When he’s not blowing raspberries, a sound chimps make using their tongues while smacking their lips together to get attention, he can be seen walking upright displaying with his hard hat or enjoying new enrichment, such as playing with traffic cones, barrels, and foraging for peanut butter. He also loves to watch movies in his bedroom when care staff is cleaning his exterior yard.

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