Meet Tori, surrendered last month by a private owner that could not properly provide the care that she needed. As you can see in her photo, we have a long road of rehabilitation ahead, and with your help, her second chance will become possible. Our goal is to find a sponsor for every animal at the sanctuary this year. See her bio below and help us change her life for the better today by clicking here to sponsor Tori with a monthly donation! 


A four year old Rhesus Macaque. 


Tori’s Story

Tori was released over a month ago to the Primate Rescue Center (PRC) who knew that we could provide a great life for her here at the sanctuary. Prior to rescue, Tori was kept as a pet in North Carolina where she was neglected both physically and mentally, and is lucky to alive today.


Tori’s Health

Tori is very thin from malnutrition and has developed muscle atrophy. Once she found sanctuary, she began to receive a healthy diet and has started to gain weight. It will take months of loving care from our care staff to help Tori feel like a monkey should.


Tori’s Personality

Now that she is becoming healthier, her personality is developing. During the day, she watches the playful antics of Freddy and Louie, and we have observed her initiating contact with little Freddy, also a rhesus macaque. Her food is carefully measured so we can make sure she is receiving the nutritional requirements that she so desperately needs. She’s a sweet natured macaque that enjoys cashews and attention from care staff. 

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