How long have you been volunteering at Primarily Primates? Almost one year Debbi and Lennie What volunteer duties do you do for the sanctuary? I am the volunteer coordinator for Primarily Primates. I coordinate all volunteer training and activities, assist with Honey’s (an elderly capuchin) care, i.e. cleaning out cage in morning replace bedding, prepare chow by soaking in coconut water or orange juice, dice a couple pieces of fruit for her for the day and hand feed by syringe a mixture of honey and water. I assist with this only in the mornings. I have spent several hours chopping produce for the caretakers on occasion. I also assist with new volunteers for enrichment by showing how we stuff toilet paper rolls, Tupperware pieces, leggos, etc with peanut butter and a mixture of assorted cereals, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, popcorn, etc for treats. Worked with on obtaining many silent auction items for our August fundraiser. Most recently, sponsored Honey and Lennie for a year. I’m also willing to assist caretakers with other duties as needed. What do you like most about volunteering for the shelter? I find spending time with the primates, whether it be one on one with Honey or just walking by the cribs each morning saying hi to everyone, extremely rewarding. After doing this every morning for about 2 months, it’s like they recognize me and come up to see me too. I love it. Also, it is very clear that everyone that works there does it for more than just being their job. You can tell the sincerity in their voices when they are talking about who needs meds and what’s happening with certain primates. And, everyone knows all the primates names! This group of workers have the best work ethics of any group I have ever encountered in my work history. They know their job and really hustle every minute. I am so impressed with each and every one of them and also with Brooke’s commitment to ensure PPI is run as it should be and that the primates are all more than just monkeys and apes……they are all family! Are you from Texas-if not where? My dad was in the Air Force so I am from everywhere. Born in Biloxi, Ms, lived in Texas for half my life. I have the bumper sticker that says “I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could!” Have you rescued any domesticated animals? Tell us about them. (dogs, cats, etc.) Rescued several dogs that have been dropped off in our subdivision over the years and found them good, permanent homes. Also, took in a Siamese mother cat with her three 2 week old kittens. She had been abandoned when her owners moved. What are your hobbies or interests? What do you like to do for fun? I like to scuba dive, camp (tent no hotel room for me!) Since I retired March 2nd (Texas Independence Day) my interest, besides getting to sleep in and have breakfast with my husband and take Trigger for early morning walks, is to work with PPI. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours a day with my “neighbors” who like to swing from trees! I find the time I get to spend there extremely rewarding and beats the heck out of managing a Bank which is what I’ve done for the past 33 years.