Recently, I heard the motto "the toughest job you'll ever love", and many of us have certainly found that to be true in our daily lives here at the sanctuary. I have had moments in the past eight months that make my face hurt from smiling, that make me dance around a habitat, and something like pure joy. And I have cried, felt heartache, and even helplessness. Sometimes this happens within the same week.

In the past week, we have successfully introduced Pearl and Igor (Java Macaques) and Sophie and Sautine (Rhesus Macaques). I can't describe what an amazing feeling it is for our staff to witness animals blossom once they are provided an environment filled with kindness and compassion.

Recently we experienced the lowest of lows. Sadly, we just said goodbye to forty year old Bango, who shared a habitat with Jason, Jones, and Leah. He died peacefully in his sleep and will be missed dearly by all who had the good fortune to care for him.