Many of the animals at the sanctuary love tube treats! They’re easy to make and provide some fun enrichment for them since it is a form of foraging, which many animals typically do in the wild to find food. We’ve provided some quick instructions below for creating tube treats if you would like to send some our way! You can also personalize the outside of the tubes with messages for the animals, if you’d like. 1. Use a cardboard tube that is medium or large in size (like a paper towel roll!) 2. Stuff the tube with primate-friendly treats like peanuts, unsweetened dried fruits, or unsalted mixed nuts mixed with a shredded paper material. See picture below! 3. Personalize the outside of the tube if you feel like it! 4. Pack them up and send them/drop them off to Primarily Primates 26099 Dull Knife Trail. San Antonio, Texas 78255 red-bell-pepper