nicole.jpgWhat stands out about Primarily Primates’ resident Nichole, a chimpanzee, is that while small in stature, she has a huge personality! So who do you think is the boss in her troop, which includes Jessie, Effie, Laura, Walter and Baxter. Of course, Nichole is! And being the diva she is she loves to comb her own hair, but she also enjoys getting groomed by Jessie.Visit Site Nichole was born on July 21, 1991 at the Coulston Foundation, a primate testing lab that has since shuttered its doors after years of mounting regulatory problems and opposition from animal advocates. Before arriving at Primarily Primates, Nichole was loaned out to other research labs by Coulston. Now thriving at Primarily Primates, in addition to her grooming sessions, she loves it when care staff uses the bubble machine for her enrichment. You can sponsor Nichole by choosing her photo on our sponsorship page!