Here is a little Primarily Primates history trivia: Did you know that the reason why Primarily Primates came into existence was because of a squirrel monkey?

Now if you read comic books back in the 70's, you may remember seeing an ad at the back of the comic book that sold squirrel monkeys as pets, $19.99. The market must have been insane with thousands of these little common yellow squirrel monkeys dying in pet homes, in transition from the wild, etc...

The founders of Primarily Primates were actually approached by a zoo that needed to place a couple of squirrel monkeys they rescued from a pet home. These particular squirrel monkeys just could not be integrated into the main social troupe of squirrel monkeys at the zoo.

When the zoo officials told the founders that they were trying to place these monkeys as a last ditch effort to save them before the zoo killed them.... The new founders of the soon to be Primarily Primates helped 2 little squirrel monkeys.... and helped create a primate rescue movement.

Today our legacy of animal rescues is vast but on site, we are caring for 450 animal residents including 5 squirrel monkeys like little Putzy here. SRTello