By Dustin Rhodes If you follow Primarily Primates on social media, you’ll know we welcomed mother/daughter duo Doreen (mom) and Pancake (daughter)—two golden-bellied mangabeys, who are native to Africa. Primarily Primates is also home to two other mangabeys, Walter and Maggie, who are white-crowned.  Doreen was taken from the wild, in The Republic of Congo, almost 30 years ago. Doreen and Pancake have spent most of their lives living at San Antonio Zoo, where they were adored by the zookeepers and visitors alike; but their habitat needed to be taken down and re-built, necessitating a temporary re-location. Everyone agreed, however, that the relocation to Primarily Primates would be permanent—because the stress of multiple moves, especially to Doreen who is an advanced age (their lifespan is typically only 25-27 years), would not be in anyone’s best interests. We’ve already learned that their favorite treat is apple rings, and they already seem to be enjoying their new surroundings and care-staff; they have one of the best views of the sanctuary, as their habitat overlooks our beautiful pond. Their immediate neighbors are Danny the spider monkey and Missy the capuchin, who were raised together and now continue to live together at Primarily Primates. It was an emotional departure for Doreen and Pancake, so all of their caretakers from San Antonio Zoo came along with them for the move. Several of them have even signed up to volunteer at Primarily Primates. If you are interested in sponsoring Doreen and Pancake, please visit our sponsorship page.