By Brooke Chavez You might remember Phoenix, who benefited from your support earlier this year, after she was attacked by a dog, taken to a veterinarian who gave her a grim prognosis for survival, and who was ultimately rescued by Primarily Primates. Her determination to heal and fiery spirit are an inspiration for us every day! Her attack left multiple bite wounds covering her arms, and infection threatened her very life – most of her right hand was ripped off, requiring our veterinarian to remove what was left of it along with her forearm, and to treat her numerous open wounds. But they were no match for her drive to survive - she healed beautifully, and gets stronger every day! After months of around the clock care, Phoenix was healthy enough for an introduction to her new companion – Jordan, another ring-tailed lemur. They are now living together, quietly grooming each other like old friends – and they owe their happiness to you! After her original story was published, we received over a thousand dollars for her surgical needs, and since then, four supporters have sponsored her continued care with gifts and sponsorship pledges for additional funds. Thanks to your generosity, Phoenix now jumps about as if she had no physical challenge at all! Your support to our Primarily Primates Medical Fund provides life-saving care to animals like Phoenix. A $25 donation covers the costs of antibiotics and pain medication. Please continue to help us write stories with new endings for these precious animals!