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Mother’s Day is around the corner—a reminder to us all be thankful for our families. Siri, a 41-year-old chimp at Primarily Primates, was recently seen exercising her motherly instincts as she gently carried a stuffed animal “baby” around on her back. 

Sadly because of a history of exploitation from the exotic pet trade industry, the entertainment industry, circuses, zoos and animal research, like Siri, a lot of the primates at the sanctuary were torn from their families in the wild and robbed of the chance to create families of their own. As a result, many of the animals led limited, dismal lives—most kept alone in small cages.

But at Primarily Primates they have a second chance to form bonds and explore their natural behaviors. For most of its chimpanzees Primarily Primates provides 24-hour access to outdoor grass bottom playground areas and same species companionship by housing them in compatible groups. The goal is to assure each animal’s life is filled with a comfortable, secure and stimulating environment. 

This year, our goal is to find a sponsor for every animal at the sanctuary this year. See Siri’s bio below and help us change her life for the better today by sponsoring her.

Siri’s story

Born in 1973, Siri, was captured from the wild. Siri was purchased by a private owner and then “donated” to the Sanford Zoo in Florida. She was later sent to the Buckshire Corporation and used for research. Siri was released to Primarily Primates in April 1996. 

Siri’s personality

Siri likes to follow care staff around her habitat looking for hidden treats that might be in their pockets. Siri is clever and can raid produce buckets if they are left too close to her enclosure. Sometimes care staff members find the most unusual objects in her nests, such as her favorite piece of paper that she carried with her for over a month. Siri enjoys days when she can wander around her habitat and forage for hidden treats. She enjoys anything with strawberries and Romaine lettuce. She doesn’t care for mushrooms, unless they have been grilled and seasoned with herbs.


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