Say hi to Mandy, 44, who arrived at PPI in 1997. Mandy has been nicknamed “doll” for her sweet disposition and her stunning beauty. Chimps are born with pale skin that progressively gets darker as they age, however Mandy’s face stayed a striking light color when she became an adult. 

Before her arrival at PPI, Mandy was part of a zoo in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, once described by Parade Magazine as one of the 10 worst zoos in America before it eventually closed. Despite her horrible living arrangements and lack of enrichment, Mandy trusts her caregivers at PPI thoroughly and is always interested in grooming them  and just about anyone she meets. That’s Mandy’s way of extending  an invitation for friendship. 

Another example of her gentle, caring nature is Mandy is always concerned about the other primates in her troupe. For example, if Buck is having a “dispute” with Deeter, who lives in a nearby habitat, Mandy will give Buck a big hug. Buck is her closest friend.

While Mandy enjoys food enrichment, she is particularly fond of people speaking Spanish to her and having the guitar played to her.

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