Won’t you consider sponsoring Andy, a java macaque who came to Primarily Primates in 2001?

Andy was taken from his mom at a breeding facility way too early and forced to be a pet in a home in Texas, where he refused to eat. His owners dumped Andy at a local vet office when they realized they could not properly care for him. Luckily for Andy, the vet recognized that for Andy to thrive, he needed to be with other primates. So she reached out to Primarily Primates.

Andy shares a habitat with Febe who he adores—maybe a little bit more than he loves red grapes! To show his affection he constantly patrols their habitat to make her feel safe. You will often see Andy with a wooden toothpick in his mouth that he’s made from the wood of one of his perches. 

To sponsor Andy with a small monthly fee that helps pay for his care at the sanctuary, click here!