Update: On Wednesday this week, Primarily Primates sanctuary in Texas expected to fetch Lennie, a patas monkey released from a pet home where he lived for four years until his owners tired of him.

A zoo in Virginia agreed to help transport him to the sanctuary, but no one was equipped to get him safely into a shipping crate accepted by the airlines, so the sanctuary's executive director is driving to Louisiana to retrieve Lennie after the first leg of the trip is covered.

Lennie, a ground-dwelling monkey -- somewhat plentiful in West Africa -- will be matched up with April, another patas monkey who recently lost her mate. Lennie's former owner typically ran out of monkey -- refusing to pay a placement fee or cover transporation costs. They preferred to threaten to have him euthanized, but a group connected to sanctuaries helped give Lennie a second chance at a better life at Primarily Primates.

Primarily Primates' Facebook page will carry our news and Lennie's progress as events unfold.