More Good News from Primarily Primates.

More Good News from Primarily Primates.

Dear Friend of Primarily Primates,

“A beehive of activity.” That's the way our staff describe the work going on today at Primarily Primates.

Tractors moving dirt, equipment and supplies. Contractors welding metal bars. Electricians connecting new wires that will improve lighting and heat for the animals. Plumbers installing new pipes for high-pressure washers and to improve drainage. Work is going on in every part of the sanctuary.

As a loyal donor of Primarily Primates, you helped make all this work possible. Your gifts made a difference. And that's why we are writing to you today. We need your help to continue building the “new” Primarily Primates into one of the best sanctuaries in this country.

As we wrote in our last letter, there are more than 30 projects underway or planned for the future. Here's the latest news.

The aging squirrel monkey house has been torn down and rebuilt. This new area is higher and larger, and the sleeping quarters are more comfortable and roomy. A group of nine lemurs also have a new and larger grass- based outdoor enclosure with trees and shrubs and a new sleeping area that keeps them warm in the winter.

The emus too have a new home that is twice the size of their previous enclosure, and it's much more private and quiet. The mountain lions, Jessie and James, also have a renovated two-sided space. Shade trees have been planted all over the sanctuary, including around the Air Force chimpanzee structures. The Air Force chimpanzees also have a new heating system that will keep them warm during even the coldest winter days. Ropes, tires, cargo nets, drums, climbing ladders, swings, and new perching structures have been installed in all of the primate living areas.

For our native wild bird rehabilitation activities, a new intensive care area has been created that specifically addresses the unique needs of ill or injured birds. And three cranes were released from their enclosed space and granted access to our property and pond.

Installation of the new walk-in cooler is now complete as well as a new walk-in dry food unit, all of which will keep the animals' large variety of foods clean and safe.

Our veterinarian has been busy as well, performing vasectomies on tamarins, lemurs, cavies and capuchins. And many primate families, broken up during the receivership, have been reunited.

Coming up soon, the fox enclosure will be rebuilt, and the patas monkeys will have their indoor and outdoor housing improved and expanded. The serval living area will be renovated and many of the primate enclosures will get new lighting and paint. The building that houses tamarins and mar- mosets will be torn down and replaced with a larg- er and more advanced structure.

Your help is needed now more than ever before. Besides all the construction and renovation still to be done, winter will be here soon, along with a high electric bill for heating all of the sleeping areas, and we expect that some of our aging boilers will need repair. We can't do it alone.

Please send your gift today. We will put it to work immediately.

Most sincerely,
Priscilla Feral
President, Friends of Animals
Chairperson, Primarily Primates Board of Directors


P.S. We hope you will consider making a year-end charitable gift to Primarily Primates. Your donation now will be put to work immediately helping to improve the lives of the animals living in our sanctuary. Please send your gift today.