Giving Day for Great Apes -- the annual fundraiser sponsored by ARCUS Foundation and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries -- is right around the corner! What: Giving Day for Great Apes is the fundraising event for sanctuaries that rescue and rehabilitate great apes around the globe. It's a 24 hour event that raises both awareness and money that sanctuaries rely on to house, protect and care for the animals in our care -- for a lifetimeIn addition, your donations on this day are vitally important because Giving Day for Great Apes is a friendly competition among sanctuaries, where we're competing for cash and matching grants. That's why we need you: every donation and every dollar counts!  Even if you cannot donate a large sum, because we're competing for numbers of "unique donors," a small donation means the world to the great apes who call Primarily Primates home. All monies raised are going to the chimpanzee habitat renovation where Buck, Mandy, April, Buffy and Raisin live. We're raising the roof, literally and figuratively, and doing a full renovation to the exterior and bedrooms -- making it bigger, better, safer and long-lasting. But we need your help!  When: September 25, 2018. You must donate through this link, not Primarily Primarily Primates' website, for the donation to count:  For a donation to be counted, it must be made through this link before midnight EST on September 25. Where: If you follow us on social media, we're celebrating by telling you more about the project and reminding our followers to get involved and donate -- all day on September 25th. We'll also send another e-mail to remind you. How: You can help Primarily Primates by spreading the word to your friends and family (by sharing the link above, and telling your friends and family what we're doing and why it's important to give, on this day in particular).  Why: Yes, we love the animals in our care at Primarily Primates. But love isn't enough to feed, care for, rehabilitate, provide enrichment and veterinary care for the more than 300 animals in our care; we are committed to providing a very high quality care for the animals in our custody -- for a lifetime. Did you know a chimpanzee can live to be in their 60's? What we do is extraordinarily expensive, and we rely on our community of animal lovers for help. Giving Day for Great Apes is an important opportunity for Primarily Primates.  We cannot thank you enough for your support. Stay tuned!