On October 17 the ARCUS Foundation and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) will hold its annual Giving Day for Apes where more than 30 sanctuaries and rescue centers will compete to see who can have the most donors and donations during a 24-hour giving day October 17. The goal of Giving Day for Apes is to raise awareness and more than $350,000 in individual giving is support of qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers providing long-term care and/or rehabilitation of great apes and gibbons globally. Fundraising begins October 3; leading up to the 24-hour day of giving day, October 17, during which competitive leaderboards will be activated, showing all donations received to date. The live 24-hour competitive giving day will begin at 12 midnight and end promptly at 11:59 PM, EST. There will be an additional $40,000 in prize money for individual categories of ‘most unique donors’, ‘most individual fundraisers’ and ‘most dollars raised’ – the latter category being awarded by geographic region across the globe. Additionally, individual donations are randomly selected for ‘golden tickets’ which are then doubled with matching funds. Helping us win additional prize money to support the chimpanzees is a great way to leverage your donation dollar. Thanks to so many of our supporters who participated, last year Primarily Primates raised $28,108 from 138 donors. This year, your much-appreciated online donation to Primarily Primates from October 3 to October 17 will help reach our goal of $44,250 for chimpanzees, Jason, Jones, and Leah. We will use your generous gifts this year for a very important purpose: the renovation of one of our chimpanzee habitats. With the proceeds, we will upgrade and strengthen the material in their enclosures, enhance and enlarge living and sleeping quarters with new beds, while improving their suitability for indoor social activity and play; increase their efficiency and comfort for heating during the winter months; and improve animal and human safety while reducing maintenance costs associated with structural durability over the long term. This renovation also provides an opportunity for the chimpanzees to enjoy new climbing structures, which will provide more variety for playtime, and makes room for bigger toys and enrichment as the larger, expanded bedrooms will allow more freedom of movement, and more space for indoor activities. Can they count on you again this year to reach our goal? Making a donation is very easy. You can donate by going to www.givingdayforapes.com or www.givingdayforapes.org, choose Primarily Primates to support, and click “donate.” The minimum donation is $10 and you can use your credit card or PayPal account to complete your donation. If you are considering a donation to Primarily Primates this year, Giving Day for Apes is a great time to do it!