What: Giving Day for Apes is the fundraising event for sanctuaries that rescue and rehabilitate great apes around the globe. It's a 24 hour event that raises both awareness and money that sanctuaries rely on to house, protect and care for the animals in our care -- for a lifetime. In addition, your donations on this day are vitally important because Giving Day for Apes is a friendly competition among sanctuaries, where we're competing for cash and matching grants. That's why we need you: every donation and every dollar counts! This year’s donations will make possible the construction of a new, very spacious “green space” unlike any before. Three existing habitats will connect to expanded opportunities for enrichment, play and exercise. The green space will benefit a special group of ape residents: Thomas, 20, and Sudio, 23, who came from research labs to PPI in 1998 and 1996; plus Baxter, now 20 years old, who was forced to perform on a German TV show; and Bubba, who turned 30 last March, was born in a zoo and leased to the entertainment industry, and later sent to a lab before coming to PPI in 2004. When: October 15, 2019. You must donate through this link, not Primarily Primarily Primates' website, for the donation to count. For a donation to be counted, it must be made through this link before midnight EST on October 15. Where: If you follow us on social media, we'll be celebrating by telling you more about the project and reminding our followers to get involved and donate -- all day on October 15th. We'll also send another e-mail to remind you. How: You can help Primarily Primates by spreading the word to your friends and family (by sharing this link , and telling your friends and family what we're doing and why it's important to give, on this day in particular). We cannot thank you enough for your support. Stay tuned!