Change for Chimps!

Every little bit helps... a little change can make a big difference! You can get involved with our donation coin box program in one of two ways: As a Business Owner Strategically placed coin canisters in businesses can help raise money for our sanctuary animals. Do you own a business or know of a business that will allow us to place a donation coin box on their counter? If appropriate for your place of employment, place a donation jar for Primarily Primates at the front desk or a counter. Business owners can provide an opportunity for people to donate spare change to PPI. Small amounts of change add up.  For example, if thirty people visit your office/business daily and half of them put just a quarter in the box, you will collect $3.75 a day. In a five-day business week, that's $18.75 a week, or $75.00 a month. If you can get one friend to do the same thing at his or her place of employment, the donations add up to $150.00 a month. For more information, contact me at As an Individual There are many ways you can get involved with Change for Chimps banks program and help the sanctuary animals: -Connect with local businesses and ask them to display a PPI coin box -Hold a “Change for Chimps” coin drive at your school, church, office, or organization. For more information, contact me at