Dear Friends, This is like a continuation from my last post but... for the last few days I have been recovering from a facial injury that got infected. Between antibiotics and looking like s...omething from a horror movie, the last few days were a blurr (for me) even though some great things happened.

In fact so many cool things went on I decided to split "The Week In Review" into two albums: #2. This one here is just an assortment of pictures of residents enjoying food enrichment treats, and photographs relating to some stories that happened over the last few days.

It is important to remember that despite anyone's person issues or problems, Primarily Primates must continue forward and that the animals come first. Even if you are the Executive Director who is sick because of antibiotics or looks like something out of horror movie.... the animals always comes first.

So enjoy these moments, they were worth it to endure.See More— at Primarily Primates.