12654435_994721173930207_3191887594640598511_nDid you know that female chimpanzees carry their newborns in their hip pocket until they are about one year of age? At one year, the infants are then strong enough to hold onto their mothers back or belly as she travels about. Effie and Laura are two female chimpanzees at our sanctuary who are infamous for carrying their "baby" around. Effie uses unstuffed animals, socks, and toys as her baby and will hoard even up to 4 babies at a time! Most recently, she has added two pillow pets to her collection as well as a toy snake that was recently donated by a member. Laura was given a large cardboard tube yesterday (pictured) that she added to her squeaky toy baby collection. She carried this massive tube everywhere she went. Since most of our female chimpanzees were used as breeders in a laboratory setting prior to their release, they do this to satisfy their maternal need. Sadly most of their offspring were ripped away from them soon after birth. Do you have any gently used tube socks, pillow cases or in Laura's case, large cardboard tubes that can be sent or dropped off at the sanctuary? With 24 female chimpanzees, there is always a need! Thank you in advance! You can ship items to: Primarily Primates 26099 Dull Knife Trail. San Antonio, Texas 78255