As we set out to remember the lost, fallen and deceased men and women of the military services, we pay tribute to a special group of animals at Primarily Primates - our Space Program Chimpanzees.

Over 10 years ago, Primarily Primates was the first sanctuary to offer 30 chimpanzees from the NASA Space Program, a true sanctuary for them to live out their lives.

Within a few short years 8 others chimpanzees from the Space Program joined the original 30 chimpanzees. It has been 14 years since the very first "military ape" stepped on grass here at Primarily Primates and it has been 14 of knowing some of the most incredible people who live at the sanctuary.

While there is no way to ever make up for what some of those residents were exposed to while in military research facilities, we can at least give them a dignified life, a healthy and natural home, and of course the compassion and kindness of a great group of people who support Primarily Primates and make it possible for us to protect them.

Since this holiday was made for individuals like them, leave it to Brooke to make it a true and festive Memorial Day by making special vegan hot dogs for everyone.