We are thrilled to report that the three wild horses Friends of Animals adopted at our sanctuary in Texas have continued to flourish since we last saw them in the fall. Little Moxie, now 7 months old, has gained weight and grown taller. She has come into her own as leader of her small band, which for now includes two donkeys she shares a pasture with until she grows a little bit bigger so she can be introduced to Bindi and Comanche.TRADITIONAL2 Comanche, who was cautious and anxious when he first arrived last fall, is much  more at ease with his surroundings with the help of a trainer, who is now able to put a halter and lead rope on him for vet or farrier care when needed. She has also worked with Bindi on her food aggression, and Bindi seems to have accepted some boundaries. She adores the attention of anyone who will pet her or groom her. She followed us around the pasture, hoping to get doted on and fed a treat. It is wonderful to see all three thriving, however we can’t forget that Bindi and Comanche once roamed wild and free on the Dann Sister’s tribal lands in Nevada, and Moxie on federal public land in Colorado—and America’s wild horses deserve to be free and protected. Moxie, Bindi and Comanche remind us that there are more wild horses currently in holding pens in America than roaming free, and empower us to continue taking action against the Bureau of Land Management who continues to steal wild horses from public lands while they cater to the cattle ranching industry and other industries that feel entitled to public land. You can sponsor one of these three beautiful horses by visiting our sponsorship page located here.