For Susan Cho and Lee Hall: Cheetah, Little Boy, and the late Kelly and Oliver are 4 chimpanzees with one thing in common: they were formerly owned by the Berger family in Florida where they were at some time used in the entertainment world.

Oliver was paraded around like the "Missing Link". Meanwhile Kelly, Cheetah and Little Boy made the talk show circuit as well as other entertainment venues.

Some of the venues they were commercially used in include: Chimpany 3 - Astronauts, Radio City Music Hall, Shrine Circus, David Letterman, MTV Music Awards, Ed Sullivan, etc....

For 15 years, Kelly, Little Boy and Cheetah performed for audiences across the US. Little Boy was the darling favorite of the Berger's and is a really nice ape. Cheetah was probably named after the well-known Tarzan of the Apes movie chimpanzee. There is no record on his file stating that he performed with the late actor who played Tarzan. Oliver arrived at Primarily Primates in 1996 after he was found living in a laboratory. At some point, the Bergers sold Oliver after he became too amorous towards one of the Bergers.

Eventually the individual who bought him from the Bergers sold him into research. The last three chimpanzees arrived at Primarily Primates in 2003. All four of these apes were captured from the wild as infants, (their mother or even their family unit may have been killed to acquire them}.

In some early reports, one out of ten baby primate infants captured from the wild made it alive to their destination point. To do the math (correctly this time), if 1 out of 10 primate infants survive to reach adult-hood (infants often died from exposure, depression, poor diet, disease etc...), and if you presume that each infant's mom is killed so that the infant can be obtained: then the four chimpanzees mentioned here Oliver, Kelly, Cheetah and Little Boy represent the 4 chimpanzees who out of 80 chimpanzees survive to reach adulthood.

So enjoy these very wonderful pictures of the moments we had with them and remember, for each of these chimpanzees 19 others may have died so that this one could be paraded around for years just to entertain us.