Save the date! Giving Day for Apes is October 12, 2021. Giving Day for Apes is a global day of giving in support of sanctuaries and rescue centers providing rehabilitation or long-term care for apes around the world. 

This year, your support will help our veterinary program evolve and adapt to our aging chimpanzee population. Great apes need very specific care, and older chimps need even more distinct care, so any donations towards our $60,000 goal on this day will be extremely appreciated!

We last upgraded our vet clinic in 2013, so this essential new equipment will allow us to provide almost all medical care onsite. That keeps the whole process much less stressful for our great apes. Not only does it ensure less time under sedation, it also allows for faster re-integration within their social group. Thanks to your generosity on October 12, we will be able to purchase a portable x-ray machine, portable oxygen, dental kit, portable pulse oximeter, and a Dan-Inject pole syringe as well as syringes and darts and much more.

We will also be highlighting a few of our older residents on this Giving Day, including Shu Shu,52; Barbara, 52; Stella, 51; Mandy, 50; and Vanessa,50. (You can learn more about them by following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages throughout Giving Day for Great Apes.) And as an extra bonus, we will be delving into the different astrological signs of some of the chimps at our sanctuary as a way for you to get to know their personalities and to see if you have anything in common with them! We'll be sharing the graphics on our Giving Day for Apes page here. 

Thank you so much for your support. Because of you, the chimps at Primarily Primates get to live the rest of their lives with dignity and can make choices about how they want to spend their days.