“On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 10 farm animals grazing.”

PPI also provides lifelong care to three pygmy goats, three wild horses, one steer, one sheep, and two pigs. You can read their stories below and then visit this page to sponsor a farm animal!

PPI rescued two pygmy goats from a Texas hoarding case. When pygmy goats Vincent and Billie Jean arrived, they were apprehensive. They were not used to receiving human touch because they were basically used as lawn mowers inside of dilapidated parrot enclosures on the Bexar County property and did not interact with humans. Now they follow staff around everywhere. They like belly and head scratches.

Primarily Primates also rescued three wild horses from a life of imprisonment by the Bureau of Land Management. Moxie was just a three-month-old filly when she was orphaned during a BLM roundup of wild horses from the West Douglas Herd Management area in Colorado. Bindi, a mare, and Comanche, a gelding, were torn from tribal lands in Antelope Valley, Nevada—land that BLM pimped out to gold mining companies. Today the trio is thriving, having formed their own band after a slow introduction. Our hearts soar when we see them grazing or playing together in the pasture at the sanctuary.

George the steer, Charlie the sheep and pigs Bubba and Opal came from a Texas farm animal sanctuary that closed. Opal loves belly scratches and getting brushed and will let you know when she needs attention by making a bunch of noise and trying to chew your shoes. Bubba prefers sleeping to being pet but sure does like feeding time and will scoot down from his mountain of hay when he hears care staff coming. Likewise, Charlie can’t wait for feeding time especially bell peppers. He follows care staff closely and is very vocal until he gets what he wants. George is a big boy who loves exploring the sanctuary property.