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Primarily Primates is a non-profit sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas that provides lifetime care for hundreds of animals, mostly primates, including 32 chimpanzees. All were exploited and then discarded by the research and entertainment industries as well as the exotic pet trade.

Many of the animals—including capuchins, spider monkeys, macaques and lemurs—led limited, dismal lives and many were kept alone in small cages prior to coming to PPI. Here they are housed in compatible groups and have same species companionship. Now they get to live the rest of their lives with dignity and can make choices about how they want to spend their days.

PPI has an innovative enrichment program to promote natural wild behaviors and mental stimulation. To ensure each day is unique, staff provides daily food enrichment treats using a variety of ingredients and enrichment methods that allow the animals to resourcefully seek food as they would in nature. Additionally, sensory enrichment activities like burning incense, playing music and painting are also offered to stimulate animal residents and prevent boredom.

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  • Sponsorships are a great way to help us cover the costs for each rescued animal's food, shelter, and care. Learn more about the animals by reading their personal profiles.

    They also make wonderful gifts. Give the gift of compassion, one that lasts all year and allows a rescued animal in need to live his or her life in peace and comfort.

Give Food and Fun

  • Animals in sanctuaries need change in their lives since every day in the wild would be different. As a result Primarily Primates puts a lot of effort into auditory, taste, touch and visual enrichment.

    Food parties are one way to help prevent boredom because they provide excitement, particularly if the animals are actively engaged in obtaining the offerings.

News & Action Alerts


Primarily Primates welcomes patas monkey trio

Posted: July 25, 2022

Primarily Primates resident patas monkey Lennie, who arrived in 2013, always seems to be filled with joie de vivre. He is constantly on the move, using his strong legs and speed to bounce from one climbing structure to the next. He loves running along the perimeter of his habitat, especially when care staff are nearby. […]


PPI rescues ex-pet lemur Ruth

Posted: March 16, 2022

Meet Ruth, the ring-tailed lemur estimated to be about 5 or 6 years old, who was recently brought to Primarily Primates by authorities after allegations of abuse by her owner. Ruth’s companion had died due to neglect, and she arrived scared and depressed at the sanctuary. She also arrived frail and thin. Ruth’s story underscores […]


A personal mission – and promise – for PPI

Posted: March 1, 2022

By Nicole Rivard The first time Arianna Salinas heard about Primarily Primates was when she was working at LBV Environmental Science Center in Laredo, Texas, as the lead technician caring for native animals who were not able to be released back into the wild. One day a pet shop owner dropped off two ring-tailed lemurs, […]


Primarily Primates sanctuary prepared to weather approaching storm

Posted: February 3, 2022

By Nicole Rivard South Central Texas is prone to outbreaks of severe weather throughout the year—hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, hail and lightning. And because of the climate crisis, prolonged freeze events have also become a threat to the sanctuary, its residents and staff. Currently, an arctic air mass is approaching South Central Texas. That’s why Primarily […]


What’s your sign?

Posted: October 8, 2021

As a way to celebrate and fundraise for Giving Day for Apes 2021, we’ve created our own astrology chart and matched every zodiac sign to a chimp here at Primarily Primates! Check them all out below to learn more about the personality of the chimp who matches your sign and then please consider sharing the […]