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Primarily Primates Incorporated, is a non-profit sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas that operates to house, protect, and rehabilitate various non-native animals. The private refuge currently houses 450 nonhuman animals, 40 chimpanzees and birds and, as the name implies, focuses primarily on caring for apes and monkeys. Many are cast-offs from the pet trade and biomedical research institutions. Individuals who have been accepted into the refuge include chimpanzees once used in space training and testing protocols by the United States Air Force and Oliver, a chimpanzee once paraded on television shows as the "humanzee" due to a habit of walking upright.

Primarily Primates

26099 Dull Knife Trail.
San Antonio, Texas 78255

Tax ID# 74-2164756

resident of Primarily Primates
resident of Primarily Primates

Executive Staff:

Brooke Chavez – Executive Director

Board of Trustees and Officers

Priscilla Feral - President & Chair
Robert Orabona - Secretary & Treasurer
Sally Malanga - Trustee
Barbara Sitomer - Trustee
Carol Fleischmann - Trustee

Mission:  Primarily Primates provides lifetime care and housing for native and non-native homeless, abused and abandoned animals, mostly primates, saving them from death or continued exploitation.  We are not open to the general public and do not breed, sell, trade or use animals commercially. 

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